The Log of Graysailor

Being of sound mind I embark on a complete update of an ancient (well – 42 years old) fiberglas Columbia T-26 sailboat. Still not sure if this was a great idea, but at this time (July 2017) I’m beginning to see the light at the end of this long tunnel.

Here’s what’s happened to date (after 2 years)

  1. cleaned boat
  2. scraped and sanded bottom
  3. repaired scratches, dents, splits
  4. took out all teak
  5. removed all hardware
  6. faired spots with TotalFair – quick drying and easy to use two part compound!
  7. primed bottom with TotalBoat TotalProtect grey two part epoxy barrier coat
  8. primed topsides with TotalBoat TotalProtect white two part epoxy barrier coat
  9. painted topsides with Epifanes Interlux Perfection – critical to follow instructions about temperature and painting conditions!
  10. painted bottom with Krypton – easy to use and great coverage
  11. got new cushions made locally using new foam and navy blue waterproof material
  12. sent main sail to “Sail Care” in Ford City, PA – they are great!
  13. sanded all teak and applying Jamestown Distributors (my ‘go to place’) Penetrating Epoxy sealer on back side of all teak.
  14. purchased new teak grab rails and some teak to replace cabin roof slides
  15. painted bilge with TotalBoat TotalBilge – awesome but wear heavy duty mask!

To Do:

  1. paint TotalTread on non-skid areas
  2. put hardware back on – replacing some of it
  3. put teak back on and in cabin
  4. put new old Evinrude (1960’s) motor on back
  5. install solar panel and charger for battery
  6. install all new LED cockpit and cabin and navigation lights
  7. install solar powered hatch fan
  8. install new marine grade sound system
  9. build and install new cockpit cabin door
  10. repair and replace new cabin sliding roof

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